I just got back from a trip to Europe with my friend, Amanda! Our second stop: Paris. Here’s a mixture of Nikon & iphone photos (some by me, some by Amanda). A few stops along the way: The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Arc De Triomphe, Luxemberg Gardens, Notre-Dame, Centre Pompidou, Love Lock Bridge, Pierre Herme for macarons, Tuileries Gardens, Champs Elysees, the Latin Quarter, “Louis Armstrong” night at a jazz swing club, Le Marias district, Sacre Coeur, and Versailles. This was the longest leg of our trip and it still feels a bit surreal all of the places we saw.




I just got back from a trip to Europe with my friend, Amanda! Our first stop: London. Here’s a mixture of Nikon & iphone photos (some by me, some by Amanda). A few stops along the way: The Millenium bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye, Big Ben, Wellington Arch, Kensington Palace & Gardens, Hyde Park, an amazing lunch (and view!) at the Sky Garden, the Gherkin, meeting Gerard Butler, drinks at the Ham Yard Hotel, spotting THE Queen of England in a parade, walking across the Tower Bridge, lunch at the Borough Market, riding the Tube, afternoon tea & scones at The Wolseley, and a delicious brunch at The Happenstance. Oh, and it didn’t rain once when we were there! It was a great city to kick off our trip.

Photography 101 pt 8


feb28bfeb28afeb28cfeb28dfeb28efeb28jfeb28ffeb28gfeb28i  a spontaneous wintery photoshoot at a vineyard with these lovely ladies. xo!

Photography 101 pt 7


feb18ifeb18afeb18bfeb18dfeb18efeb18ffeb18gfeb18hfeb18ctuesday was rva’s first REAL snow day this year! toby and I went on a walk around the city and snapped some photos ..and then of course played in the snow. as you can tell, I’m totally smitten over these fan houses. sigh.

Photography 101 pt 6


feb14a feb14b feb14c feb14d feb14e feb14f feb14g feb14hone bouquet of baby’s breath inspired this shoot (and has made my apartment look oh so pretty).

happy valentine’s day, friends. xo!

Photography 101 pt 5


feb09afeb09bfeb09efeb09cfeb09dfeb09ffeb09gfeb09hspring-like weather on saturday and sunday meant lots of time every weekend should be spent! some of these photos are from oregon hill, the buttermilk trail, and great shiplock park. such a great dose of vitamin d!

Photography 101 pt 4



here are a few photos from the end of january: our first “real” snow this winter in richmond, an old outhouse, roasted tomatoes, oh and a half-burned typewriter I uncovered in a field.. that, was cool. look at those keys!

Photography 101 pt 3



sunday was pretty warm and sunny for  january – we lucked out! this session was another way for me to practice and learn more about the camera (thanks again, kate!) speaking of, if you have any fun ideas for a future session, let me know!

Photography 101 pt 2



this weekend, a group of us went to the northern neck to celebrate a friend’s birthday! bbq, cider, playful pups, homemade bread pudding! cards against humanity, and great company made for a fun time by the river.  it rained/snowed for part of the day but cleared up just in time for a fantastic sunset. with drinks in hand, we watched the sun set down by the dock.. wouldn’t that be a lovely way to spend most evenings? have a great week, everyone!

Photography 101 pt 1



hi there! some friends are letting me borrow a fancy camera and I couldn’t be more excited. (I’ve only had my iphone camera to use for almost a year now!) I’ve decided to start practicing and adding photos here so I can document my progress. I love finding the perfect light, deciding on my subjects, styling and framing a shot just so.. however, now that I have a DSLR, I have so many more options and settings to choose from. It’s been awhile since I’ve used the manual mode and I’m excited to get back in the swing of things. cheers!