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A Daily Gathering: Fall Supper + Natural Decor Workshops




a couple of months ago, I partnered with rebecca from a daily something to host a fall supper + natural decor workshop. this was a “honey harvest reunion” so to speak. I met rebecca at the first honey harvest kinfolk workshop two summers ago and when she posted a photo about six months ago, I said: “let’s do it again!” (you can see photos from that gathering here or here)

the fall supper + workshops took place at morgan’s beautiful greenhouse, petals & hedges in round hill, va. we made festive wreaths, garland, beeswax lip balm, and ate lots of delicious food in a family-style candle lit meal. my dad and I also made a batch of wooden beads for everyone to string their own necklace as a parting gift. (I loved seeing how different each necklace turned out!) there were other generous sponsors for the event and those from richmond included: page stationery who printed the thoreau quote take-away and square trade goods co. who sent candles and camping mugs to give away. thanks again, guys!

scrolling through these photos now brings back such great memories of a wonderful evening. perhaps “honey harvest pt. III” will be in the works soon? happy new year, everyone!


photos by the talented Anna Clair Photography

happy father’s day!




my dad. the one who continues to teach me about woodworking, the life of honeybees, to only use GOOD chocolate when baking, and how to repair just about anything.

happy father’s day!




StopTHINKshopfennel & rose was in a holiday pop-up shop this month! stopTHINKshop focused on sustainable, ethical, and local products and we were very excited to have our wooden rattles on display. my sister and i went to nyc for the weekend (when it snowed – a ton!) and got to see the shop in person. thanks to everyone that came by to support the pop-up, i hope you walked away with some great gifts!


some of my favorites:

Martha Stewart: American Made



Rattle3you can vote (here) for fennel & rose in martha stewart’s american made contest! any help is much appreciated! xoxo

Kinfolk: Honey Harvest Workshop




this past weekend my dad and i attended the kinfolk honey harvest workshop in middleburg, va.  it poured the entire drive up to goldstone inn but thankfully cleared up as soon as we arrived. rebecca (from a daily something) was the wonderful host that planned the workshop. everything about the evening was so charming. the food, decor, location, and especially the company was above and beyond.

looking forward to attending more kinfolk events in the future!


a few new friends from the workshop:

patiently waiting




we have had lots of rain here in virginia and it shows. i hope to have the “problem” of having so many tomatoes, peppers, and herbs i don’t know what to do with it all. stay tuned


also this week:

oh, that old thing?





it’s just a mail sorter, i know, but what a difference a can of spray paint can make. for a few dollars you can turn a really boring item in your house into something that pops. i think the hardest part about this project was selecting which color to use!


also this week:

  • happy fourth of july!
  • american  made
  • my furniturelab laminate designs are up!






my dad has been filling me in on the fascinating life of honeybees and how they work together as one organism. their dances for communication, duties for each type of bee, and the beautiful honeycomb they create are simply amazing. i snapped these photos one day while he was checking on his hives and guess what? i caught the queen herself in the last image*  success!


also this week:

  • happy father’s day! 🙂
  • remembering a hero
  • lovin’ this new blog!


* look for a little red dot on the bottom right of the photo!


Colored Pencil Display







we’ve made wooden displays for crayons and chapstick – but now we can add colored pencils to the list! i absolutely love the walnut mixed with the bright pops of color. this would make just about any workspace a little bit brighter, wouldn’t you say?


also this week:

Dog Bandanas







i have been wanting to sew something for months now and finally found time to sit, relax, and make these sweet little dog bandanas. i want to sew something for myself to wear… but then i remind myself, baby steps.


also this week: