spring has sprung



as i mentioned in a previous post, i have been busy studying for this exam for the majority of spring. now that it’s over, i can finally get back into the swing of things with f&r, the blog, and enjoying my evenings…weekends…and this weather!

since my last post:

  • we have new neighbors (above)
  • i got a newer car!
  • my sister told me about chocolate avocado mousse
  • ran the 10k!




Resin Magnets: Wedding Favors



if you’re looking for unique and adorable wedding favors – check these out! a friend and i teamed up to create a giant batch of custom-made resin magnets for a wedding this spring. the little hearts, beads, and paper flowers came together nicely for these individual collages. i can’t wait to see how they display them!

also this week:




in addition to this blog, i use instagram for more fennel & rose images (with lots of toby, food, and other random shots thrown in the mix). if you have a f&r photo you’d like to share, feel free to post it on our facebook page or hashtag: fennelandrose! i love seeing our gifts with their new owners – especially if they have tiny fingers and toes 😉


also this week:

Rustic Holder






i have been trying to figure out what to do with the vintage rubber stamp holder I bought from squashapenny for over a year now. i knew it would be a perfect display piece once i found wood to compliment it. now that the rustic holder is hanging up, i can’t stop thinking of more items it could showcase. flowers, necklaces, and of course my f&r tools have all had a turn – i just can’t decide on my favorite.


also this week:

Resin Magnets



now that i have learned how to make these magnets, i keep looking around to see what else i can incapsulate with resin. dried flowers, magazine clippings, newsprint, little gears from old watches – i can see this getting pretty addictive.


Also this week:

  • I’ll be volunteering here today!
  • last weekend for this powerful exhibit
  • chicago winter tested scarves

Happy Valentine’s Day!




i have been wanting to use these tiny nails for quite a while so i decided to make this little valentine. i loved everything about the process and how it turned out – especially the juxtaposition of the metal and wood. this combination is always a lovely pair in my book.



also this week:


Beer + Design : Donation Box



beer + design is a quarterly lecture series that is absolutely worth checking out. each b+d event has presentations by local architects, photographers, interior designers, musicians and really anyone else that lives and breathes to create, build, and push the envelope. on wednesday, b+d3 was held at storefront for community design (which if you haven’t heard of them already, they are doing some really exciting and innovative projects around rva). in order to put on these events, we have to rely solely on donations from the attendees.

in comes fennel & rose

we were asked if we could create a donation box and here is what we came up with! the body is made of sycamore and the pieces that wrap around the box are walnut. i enjoyed watching it make its way through the crowd while the box was carefully rotated around and stuffed with a bill or two along the way.

if you ever have a need for a custom piece, big or small, let’s brainstorm!



also this week:



DIY: walnut heart magnets





if you followed me on my previous blog, you may remember this walnut heart shelf.  i decided it’s finally time to use the extra shells (24 months later…) so here is my simple DIY project in case you’re looking for a sweet handmade gift for your valentine.

you’ll need:

  • walnut shells or hearts, as i like to call them
  • magnets (i like these)
  • glue (i needed something strong since these magnets are intense!)


first, add a dab a glue on the back of the shell. then, place a magnet on top and press. lastly, let them sit overnight and in no time you’ll have an adorable set of magnets to give to your someone special.

oh, and in case you don’t have a stash of walnut shells sitting around, i have a few sets for sale in my shop!

Snow in RVA





after many days of cold, rainy weather – it finally snowed in richmond! it’s amazing how a  blanket of sparkly white snow covering the city (not to mention the skies are finally blue!) make winter seem not so bad after all. i now feel refreshed and inspired for my weekend plans of organizing and f&r projects.

happy friday!

wooden block displays






we made these wooden block displays for nieces and nephews this christmas and now i want one (or three) for myself. your favorite brand of colored pencils, pens, crayons, chapstick, drumsticks, you name it,  can now be displayed in a beautiful block of wood on your desk. i love collections and i wanted to create pieces that are clean and elegant to help highlight these items. similar wooden displays will be soon be available in the shop!